About Cascade Middle

At Cascade Middle, we are dedicated to the highest level of teaching and learning, where:



CMS students will increase their performance levels through growth in all subject areas.

CMS students will take ownership of their learning by setting individual goals per subject area to encourage personal and academic growth.



CMS teachers will provide students with a variety of learning experiences including self-directed and other engaging learning opportunities to develop their success and character.

CMS teachers will support and engage each other in biweekly professional learning communities to discuss data, instruction, and action.



CMS will provide a positive learning environment which supports both academic growth and character development.

CMS encourages the staff to see students as learners first through evaluating data and instructional practices.


Parents and Community:

Parents and members of our community will serve as advocates for their children and supporters of the school program and staff.

Parents and members of our community will participate in the decision making process at CMS in relation to fulfilling our vision.