*Final Forms

Cascade Schools will be using Final Forms for Athletic Participation Agreement Files.  
You can access using this link:
Parents and Guardians, 
Please access Final Forms asap to begin athletic participation agreement forms! 
Players must have all forms complete to participate in practices and games. 
Students will need access to a working email to sign student forms. 
Directions below. 

Cascade Middle FinalForms

Parent Signing Up Process


1.) Go to the website: https://www.finalforms.com


2.) Click “FinalForms Login.”


3.) Select “Bedford County School District: Tennessee.”


4.) Find the icon that says “Parent” and click “New Account.” (Log in if you already have an account)


5.) Fill in the registration information (an active email is required; it will send an email confirmation) and click “Register.”


6.) Click “Add Student.”


7.) Click “2024-2025 School Year.”


8.) Select your child’s grade for next school year and then click “continue to registration.”


9.) Fill in your child’s information (your child must have a working email for this) and then click “create student.”


10.) Select their school (Cascade Middle) and then click “submit selection.”


11.) Check the sport or sports your child is interested in signing up for and click “update sports/activities.”


12.) Begin filling out the information for every category in the left side column. You will electronically sign at the bottom of each category. Then you will click “submit” (Categories that need to be completed by the parent will be in red. When that category has been successfully completed and signed, it will change to green. Categories that need to be signed by the student will be in yellow. When that category has been successfully completed and signed, it will change to green. Some categories need to be signed by both parents and students. Those categories will go from red to yellow to green once they are signed by both parents and students. Students are not able to sign any documents until their parent does first.).


13.) Instructions on how to upload your physical: Click “TSSAA PPE Physical” from the left hand column. Then click “upload physical.”


Method 1 (Traditional Scan): Use a computer scanner (usually a printer/scanner), scan all the pages of the document, upload it onto your computer and save it on your computer. Click “upload document” in the physical category on FinalForms, find the file and upload it onto FinalForms.


Method 2 (Smart Phone): Use your smart phone to take a picture of each page of the physical document. Click “upload document.” Go to your photo library and upload each page from your child’s physical onto FinalForms.


14.) Smile and feel relieved because you have completed everything as a parent, and your student is eligible to participate!

Student Signing Up Process


1.) Go to your email address and find the FinalForms signup confirmation email.


2.) Confirm your FinalForms account.


3.) Wait for your parent to complete their part of FinalForms (you cannot begin until they have completed everything.


4.) Log onto FinalForms and check out all of the categories on the left side that require a signature (they will be in yellow. When the student successfully signs, they will turn green).


5.) Electronically sign all of your documents until the entire category list on the left is green.